Why Sigma?

You may ask why Sigma? and rightly so with the amount of quality cameras out there from the leading manufacturers.
In a nutshell it is for one simple reason image quality.
In 2002 I initially set eyes on images taken with the first Sigma DSLR the SD9 and was blown away with the image quality and vibrant colours from the camera.
The Sigma SD9 housed a different image sensor than any other camera.
The image sensor was produced by Foveon which uses a different concept to capture light.
The Foveon imager has three layers of silicon each capturing light at different depths.

The Foveon image sensor is very clever in design as it allows each and every pixel location to accurately record a colour either red, green or blue.
This gives the Foveon sensor a distinct advantage over Bayer type sensors where colour information is lost due to the lack of colour information being captured at given pixel locations.
mosaic-based image sensors capture only one-third of the colour, complex processing is required to interpolate the colour they miss.
A more in-depth explanation of the Foveon sensor and it’s advantages over other image sensors can be found at: http://www.foveon.com/index.php